Etobicoke homeowner’s majority desire that their home gas furnace would work persistently. This yearning could be permitted when you install an Amana brand gas furnace. The complete range of Amana brand gas furnaces propose that is believed the best warranty programs in the heating and cooling industry. Amana’s most furnace models come with variable and multi-speed performance. This offers enhanced indoor relaxation by gradually ramping up to your thermostat setting rather than simply starting at full speed. This reduces the ‘cold air-blow’ often related with single-speed furnaces. To acquire the high-ranking energy-efficient gas furnaces, look for the highest AFUE rating.


You can put your trust in Cosmopolitan tan Mechanical Services Inc. We provide personal service and exceptional quality. All of our services and products are guaranteed. We have been in this business for the nearly 10 years and our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall values are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

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It is easy to understand why having a properly maintained heating system is incredibly important. Keeping your home warm keeps you and your loved ones comfortable during the cold and rainy months. In addition, when your heating system is professionally installed and maintained by Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services, your system can actually save energy.

Saving energy can lower your heating bills and preserve the life of your heating unit for years to come. When deciding whether to replace your heating system or simply repair it, there are several things to consider including:

A - If you are constantly making repairs, it may be cost effective to replace your unit instead of continually making repairs

B - If you have an older system, a new unit can save you money on the cost of repairs and maintenance

C - If you have unusually high heating bills, a new unit that runs efficiently will cut down on your costs significantly Stay Warm All Season Long

We do provide a variety of Installation, sales & services of all makes and models of the following for you. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will match any competitor's offer.

Gas Furnaces Heat Pumps, Boilers Gas Log Fireplace & Air Conditioner Service.

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System Installations, No Travel Charges, Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

Amana High Efficiency Furnaces

Amana have taken steps to create appliances whose values stretch beyond saving money. It has wide range of high efficiency forced air gas furnaces that perfectly suit to the heating requirements of your Toronto home and other GTA homes..


AMVM96 Gas Furnace


ACVM96 Gas Furnace


ACVM97 Gas Furnace


AMVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions Furnaces

Amana Distinctions

DGMVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGCVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGMVC96 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGCVC96 Gas Furnace


Welcome to Amana Heating comfort zone. The highly skilled and trained technicians are dedicated to provide you the best 24/7 services. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. has been serving customers since 20…….. We are a professional best heating and cooling company in Etobicoke and serves all over GTA. We are Premier dealers of AMANA. We specialize for installing heating and cooling systems that provide comfortable indoor environments that are also healthy for your family. We provide satisfaction guarantees with all of our work. Keeping our customers happy is what has made us a successful and trustworthy heating and air conditioning company in GTA for many years.
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Amana Gas Furnace Models

Amana offers both standard efficiency and high-efficiency gas furnaces. Standard efficiency gas furnaces are considered to be 80% AFUE, while high-efficiency gas furnaces are 90% or above. The highest end high-efficiency gas furnaces that Amana makes include the Comfort Net Control System, the Million Air heat exchanger, a lifetime unit replacement warranty, and a 10 year parts limited warranty. The energy efficiency rating of this model is 96%, which means that out of every dollar in heating energy expenses, $.96 of that goes towards heating your home. This means that very little fuel is wasted and that you will certainly see a significantly lower fuel bill. Standard efficiency models score an 80% efficiency rate and include the following: AMVC8/ADVC8, AMEH8, AMH8, AMS8, ADSH8, and ADSS8. For those concerned with fuel consumption, Amana carries the following high efficiency furnaces: AMVM96, ACVM96, AMVC95, ACVC95, AMEH96, AMH95, ACSH96, AKSS92 We have all these Models available, we are only one call away from you.

Choosing a New Furnace

Choosing a furnace is not an instant decision as there are a number of factors to take into consideration. How much heated square footage does your home have and how much do you actually need to heat? How high is your current energy bill and what would you like it to be? What kind of maintenance plan are you comfortable with? These questions and many more can be answered when you call Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. Our highly trained GTA Area, Amana furnace experts know how to layout your home heating options well in advance and guide you through the new furnace selection process. Once you’ve chosen your new unit, we’ll install it and set up a maintenance plan to keep it operating correctly and as efficiently as possible for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about replacing your old furnace with a modern, efficient Amana unit, call us today. Find everything that you need to know about Amana equipment! Call for a Furnace or Heating Estimate and Inspection. 905-822-9375

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