Choose comfort - Buy Amana provides detailed information about Amana Gas Furnace of all makes and models. If you are looking for a new Furnace unit, we recommend you try Amana this time. With a wide range of different price Furnaces, Amana is not only affordable but also efficient.

SERVICES is powered by Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. We not only sell standard and high-efficiency Furnaces, we also service them. Our Amana Furnace services include installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and relocation of all models of Amana Gas Furnaces. We also perform professional diagnosis. Our other services include Red Tag Furnace and Gas Pipeline Installation.

High-efficiency Amana Furnaces

Make a wise upgrade. Upgrade to a high-efficiency Amana Furnace and enjoy up to 96% AFUE. Check out below:


AMVM96 Gas Furnace


ACVM96 Gas Furnace


ACVM97 Gas Furnace


AMVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinction Series Furnaces

Amana brings Amana Distinction series with energy-efficient features and affordable rates. Check below:

Amana Distinctions

DGMVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGCVM97 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGMVC96 Gas Furnace

Amana Distinctions

DGCVC96 Gas Furnace

Why Choose Amana?

Wide range - varying price tags
There are several reasons to choose Amana over others but here's the most convincing reason: Choose Amana because it has the widest range of Gas Furnaces. With single stage, two-stage and variable speed Furnaces, Amana is offering a wide range of pricing as well so that people of all budget ranges could enjoy cosy winters. While there's affordability, there's also efficiency. Amana offers standard as well as high-efficiency Furnaces.

How to choose the right Amana Furnace?
Among so many variations, one gets confused. To save you from confusions, here are our suggestions; Before you purchase a unit, make sure you know yours, your family's and your home's needs. Also, consult with an HVAC professional before finalising the purchase so that if you are purchasing the wrong unit, he could stop you in time.

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